The right tool for any Craftsman

Order Management made simple!

Apacta user interface for Order Management

More value. Better overview. Just easy

As easy as this

1. Create order

2. Log time and materials

3. Receive vendor invoices

4. Add Quality Assurance and documentation

5. Invoice customer

6. Done! Ready for next order

Real Craftsmen choose Apacta

Craftsmen chose to be Craftsmen to work with their hands. The less time they spend on administrative chores and the burden of paperwork the happier they are. Apacta does just that! We make it easy to run a profitable company and thereby save time and increase profits. We do this for Craftsmen all over Europe!

3 reasons why you should choose Apacta:

Save time

Craftsmen using Apacta saves as much as 67% of their time spend on paperwork per week! Apacta just digitizes all the things you already do by hand. 

We minimize the load of all the timeconsuming tasks of running a professional company. We make it easy to keep track of your business.

Earn more money

Did you know that Apacta can save you as much as 25% per year on your material purchases? Even without spending more time working.

Apacta automatically optimizes your reselling prices on materials. Thereby you earn more. Apacta gives you an overvies of your entire consumption of hours and materials.

Get a better overview

Apacta gives you the overview of your business! 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

Anytime and everywhere you can dive right into your business. You can alwas monitor ongoing Orders, how much is in the pipeline for invoicing and your profit on each order.

We give you time to be a Craftsman

All you would expect from an Order Management system built for Craftsmen.

The right tool for any Craftsman!


Employees log all their hours every day. Get all hours on the invoice.

Material Management

Find the best price on materials and handle the vendor invoice with one click.

Quality Assurance

Photos and text can be added directly on the order from the app. Gives you a great of overview of each order.

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