Time Management

You make it much easier for you and your employees to log their hours so you both save time and gain profit – all with Apacta.

We give you moretime and increase your profit.

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The fastest and easiest way to log workhours
Salaries are run with one click. We connect with your preferred system.
Overview of your time consumption on each order. See how time was spent.

The easiest way to manage your time

Our easy Time Management system makes it simple to log hours on different tasks and orders. That makes it much easier for you and your coworkers day to day. You will also find more time logged than usual ready for invoicing. Plan and simple: You will earn more by using Apacta – without working more hours.

When hours are logged on the right orders it is easy to get an overview of which employee worked on what task.

By using Apactas app you drastically decrease time spent on administration and paperwork leaving you time for other projects. No more spreadsheets and crumbled papers. Apacta will give you more time away from the office.

Time Management automatically gives you an overview

Each employee can easily log each hours on the right order. You – as a Master Craftsman – can easily keep track of each and every order. How far are they, which materials have been used and is there any outstandings?

Thereby you stay up to date on all orders with various information and preconditions regarding salaries and materials. You are ready to invoice as soon as the order is done. You can also add vendor invoices and adjust your profits on each order.

With a realtime overview of all orders your salaries runs smooth and efficient. Apacta connects with all the systems you already know and prefer.

3 reasons to use Apacta for Time Management

More time gets invoiced

When logging hours is so simple more hours will end up getting logged and also invoiced.

No more messy paperwork nor having to remember details long after it happened.

Easy salaries

You can run salaries with one click.

You can see who worked on what for any given period of time.

Increase liquidity

You increase your companys liquidity by invoicing more hours

Apacta help you with that with an intuitive user experience and also getting your employees to log their hours and materials on the fly when on site.

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