The right tool for any Craftsman

How does Apacta work?

Apactas tool consist of two parts: An app and a Control Panel.

The app is installed on the phones of all the craftsmen in the field. They use it for logging their hours and the materials they use. All registrations is logged on orders, together with photos and documentation for Quality Assurance. Its fast and easy and always ensures timewaste is collected.

The Control Panel gathers the overview on all registrations and is where you set your price, make invoices and move all the right numbers into accounting – one place for all. This is also where you create each individual craftsman so they are ready to log their work on the right orders.

Apactas User Interface

Apacta return its own investment with timesaving and valuecreating features

Easy Timemanagement

Save the time you use on manually keeping track on employer registrations. It’s fast!

Quick Order Management

Your employees log their time and materials in the app. All will be remembered when the invoice is made.

Quality Assurance

With Quality Assurance directly built into the app, you can always document your quality for everyones satisfaction.

Connect your systems

Apacta connects with your Economics system, so you dont have to do things twice. The same with salary.

Create users

User accounts is added in the Control Panel as your company grows, and becomes active immediately on creation.

Choose features

The basic features of Apacta offers a lot of value out-of-the-box. You can add more features that suits YOUR company.

Empower business

We help you maximize profit and get good vendor deals.
Investing in Apacta is an investment in YOU.

You get a simple overview of the entire site or project you are working on

The Control Panel have an easy interface packed with features that assist you every day. We are determined only to show you what is needed to run your business, and cut the fat!

Apacta is reliable – you can absolutely trust your company data with us. If you are in need of help we offer many support opportunities for you. Theres always a person behind and we understand what you are saying!

More about the Control Panel

No nonsense – easy in, easy out!

The App is build towards being used as little as possible. It should be easy for the craftsman to find the right feature and log his work efficiently.

Very few ‘clicks’ is needed to log time on a given order. That time is saved and can be used for delivering quality and overall more hours able to be invoiced. That actually becomes quite a bit in a years time!

Bookkeepers will love Apacta, as all data is structured on the right orders. Thats why a lot of bookkeppers also recommend Apacta.

More about the App

We connect your entire business

Apacta connects and exchange data with a lot of the systems you probable already use – and we add more all the time. If you have questions about our connections with your specific setup, always feel free to contact us.

More about Connections

Daily timelog for
all employees

Photo documentation straight from the App,

One-click invoice. Create your own templates.

Keep track on your orders

Track your material consumption.

Adjust your price automatically with the market

Invoice Check

Automatically monitor your purchases

Create the offer as you want it to be

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