So, Champ?

How much time did you spend at the office last week?

You can save that next week!

An effective Order Management can make a huge difference for a serious craftsman business. If you are interested you should choose the easiest solution.

Apacta is the the right tool for any craftsman. It will save you a lot of time in your daily life.

We actually guarantee this! So why not give it a try?


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Just a few clicks – and your working hours are included

An app for Order Management should be easy to navigate in. With a few clicks you check in and out of the tasks, and the time is being registered.

Be doing it at the exact time, you get started, you ensure a precise calculation, so everything gets included on the invoice.

Employees do not have to come around the office to hand in their timesheets. In that way they become more effective.

Document the work continuously

With the app by the hand the employees can quickly take pictures and videos of their work, and then connect it to the task. This makes it easy for everyone to follow the task.

It’s a time waster to keep track of quality assurance across the many tasks. But if you do it with a system for Order Management, it will get easier. Besides that you don’t risk things disappearing on peoples phones or in the pile on the desk.

Just scan the Materials

Supplier invoices automatically enters Apacta and gets placed on the task. Then the employees are able to scan the barcode as the materials are being consumed.

Then everything is ready for invoicing – altso the little things you are likely to forget.

Of course we can handle price files from your suppliers. You can also use the price files when you create new offers in Apacta.

3 good reasons to use Apacta

More time gets billed

With the simple and manageable time registration more time are being registered and more time is also is billed.

No more messing around with papers and stuff at the office, which tends to be forgotten in the hurry!

Easy payroll

With Apactas time registration you can handle the payroll run with just one click.

You get an overview of which employees are working on which tasks in a pay period.

Strengthens your liquidity

You strengthen the liquidity of your company by invoicing more hours.

Apacta helps with this by making time registration more manageable and by making employees register their working hours on the task – also in the field.

It’s kind of sad to be using your effective time at the office

Time used at the office is not directly value-creating. The time can’t be billed and it creates no joy for the one, who is a craftsman at heart.

But it’s up to you if you want to spend your time at the office, to create more revenue or to get more time in life.

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Apacta pays off with time-saving and value-creating functions

Simple time registration

Save the time you use on manually keeping track of the timesheets. This will go fast!

Quick Order Management

Your employees can register time and materials on an ongoing basis with the app by their side. Everything gets remembered – all the way to the invoice.

Quality assurance

With quality assurance built-in the app, you can always document your work. Satisfaction for everyone.

Combine the systems

Apacta can be combined with your economic system, so you don’t have to do things twice. The same goes for your salary system.

Daily timelog for
all employees

Photo documentation straight from the App,

One-click invoice. Create your own templates.

Keep track on your orders

Track your material consumption.

Adjust your price automatically with the market

Invoice Check

Automatically monitor your purchases

Create the offer as you want it to be

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