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The craftsman’s preferred tool

Tools are for craftsmen, and paperwork is for administrators. The purpose of Apacta is to allow constructors and craftsmen to use a simple tool to take care of the daily administrative chores. No more wrinkled and unreadable notes, wasted time doing administrative chores and disorganised case management. With Apacta all pertinent information is collected in one place, providing great overview of time spent, materials and documentation for every single project. You can even attach pictures to cases and elevate quality management and decrease time wasted on disputes.

Anybody can access Apacta

Apacta releases craftsmen from administrative shackles, to allow them the opportunity to do what they do best. In seconds, the APP with its simple design and functionality, allows you to make the adequate registrations case by case with minimum administrative troubles. Better company credibility, accurate invoices, happy customers and quality assurances covers both customer satisfaction and legal requirements in single workflows.