What do the customers think of Apacta?



It is now over a year ago that sewer contractor Nis Virenfeldt of contractor Virenfeldt Nielsen & Rental Inc, chose to take a stand against growing everyday administrative tasks and installed Apacta app on all mobile phones.

The purpose was to relieve the pressure builders ‘ experience from working a hectic schedule and ensure that all documentation and quality assurances were posted as was required.

Our craftsmen are employed to perform tasks for our customers and not to juggle with supporting documents. We initially chose Apacta for purely practical reasons, but it turned out that something as simple as an app would trigger a domino effect. For the less time spent on paperwork, we have increased production and – not least – our competitiveness“, says Nis Virenfeldt.

Documentation control

Previously hand-written timesheets and forms, especially in relation to hectic periods or during major operations, were not completed sufficiently. But with Apacta in the pocket the paperwork becomes less complicated and therefore less time consuming.

Now the hours and materials are recorded directly in Apacta and our craftsmen cannot make mistakes in filling out the easy forms, because they are guided through the app. Our quality assurances have increased considerably, benefitting not only our customers but also us.

The main advantage of Apacta, however, was unexpected.

The easier registrations become the better and more often they are made. The Apacta team have catered for everything and often it only becomes a matter of answering with a simple “yes” or “no”. There is more pleasure in documenting superior craftsmanship, if you can do it properly.

No complaints

As an authorized sewer contractor Virenfeldt & Nielsen Rental Aps is subject to certain requirements for the performance of work and with Apacta all necessary information is structured and organized in one place. Amongst other things, the ability to link imagery to each case is particularly useful.

For example, if we were to do sewage work close to a gable where a crack was already forming, we would document it and take pictures for future reference. The customer as well as insurance companies can then receive accurate documentation prior to work commences as well as continual reports to allow the interested parties to follow progress.

By adding the photographs craftsmen also have the opportunity to evaluate internal processes.

The craftsmen use the image function daily as a supplement to their documentation and quality control efforts.

Instead of writing 100 words on a matter that no one besides themselves understands, adding a picture increases understanding extremely well. A popular feature made possible by taking pictures is to allow different teams working the same site accurate details about defects, damages, progress and so on.