Quality Assurance & Documentation

Apacta have made it easy to do Quality Assurance and prepare Documentation. Quality Assurance has to be simple and easy – and able to be done in day to day operations. Everyone can learn fast how to deliver all the necessary Documentation.

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Documentation is shareable
Documentation is created driectly on the order
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Quality Assurance for Craftsmen made easy

All images and other documentation is saved directly on the order, so you dont have to sort and file paperwork manually.

You can have many different types of documentation such as images, video, vendor offers, customer dialogue and more.

With Apacta it is easy to do the daily Quality Assurance. Work gets done right away and it is easy to share with the customer and others following the work.

Quality Assurance & Documentation directly on the order

With Apactas features for Quality Assurance & Documentation you save all media directly on the order. It can be anything sucg as images, calculations, building instructions and other project material.

You and your employees can also communicate with each other on the Order Board. All involved in the order can send messages and share files with each other.

3 reasons why you should use Apacta for Quality Assurance

Customer Satisfaction

Quality Assurance and documenting the build process is a demand and an important area of competition in the construction industry.

Customers often require documentation is made available on the fly. With Apacta everything is in place so you can close the deal and keep the client.

Modify Quality Assurance

Apacta have made many different forms for individual industries, such as sewerage and plumbing.

Electricians will also find forms specifically for their line of work within Apacta. You can of course also make your own.

Documentation is secure

All documentation is saved directly on each order and easy to find.

Good documentation is a value for both craftsmen and customers and the payback for a job well done goes a lot smoother.

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