Order Management made for Craftsmen

With Apacta the Craftsmen have the right tool for Order Management. You can easily get an overview of all your orders and new ones are created with few clicks. Our Order Management system makes it easier and faster to handle important tasks such as vendor invoices, time management, quality assurance, analyzing material consumption etc.

You can monitor each order individually and always keep track on you business. Apactas system for Order Management is the easiest you will find!

Apacta user interface for Order Management

Fast and easy Order Management

Apacta connects with the systems for both economy and salary you already know. That makes it even easier to move data around and get the right insights and do the proper tasks.

When you work on an order you and your employees continously update the Order with all the information, documentation and consumption as you go. That becomes the base for salaries and the order invoice. So when the order is finished all the right information is already on the order and ready for invoicing. That saves you valuable time in the office.

Apacta ensures all runs automatically. We just give you more time for the things you would rather be doing.

Save time and earn more with Time Management

An important part of Apacta is Time Management. When an order is created your employees can start adding their hours on the order. Then you can monitor the progress even when not on site. It also allows you to catch errors on-the-fly and adjust long time before the invoice is sent, right when its top of memory.

Apacta connects with the systems you already know and work with. You can easily transfer hours directly into your preferred salary system for a fast run. You can always backtrack and see the Order on which they were logged.

Order Management done right!

Apacta return its own investment with timesaving and valuecreating features

Easy Timemanagement

Save the time you use on manually keeping track on employer registrations. It’s fast!

Quick Order Management

Your employees log their time and materials in the app. All will be remembered when the invoice is made.

Quality Assurance

With Quality Assurance directly built into the app, you can always document your quality for everyones satisfaction.

Connect your systems

Apacta connects with your Economics system, so you dont have to do things twice. The same with salary.

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