Material Management

Material Management ensures you and your coworkers always keep track on your consumption as well as the prices you pay.

With Apacta your register all materials directly on the order so its ready for invoicing right away.

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Overview on your consumption of materials
Makes life easier and increase profits
Invoice more products and materials

Material Management gives you less to worry about and a better overview everyday

Apactas Material Management contains all the necessary features for any ambitious Craftsman who want to ease his daily administrative workload and increase profits and liquidity. We ensure your overview and that all materials used gets invoiced.

We know it can be a challenge to keep track on a companys material consumption. But with a subscription to Apacta its easy for both the Master Craftsman and employees to get an overview of all the materials used and needed for various orders. Material Management lessens the burden with paperwork og ensures you can invoice even more materials – you will never forget an item again. You save time and earn more.

Automatic handling of both customer and vendor invoices

Use the vendor invoice to keep track on your consumption. The vendor invoice makes it so much easier to manage your various vendors. This feature enables you to attach the vendor invoice to an order right away. This keeps the demand for liquidity low if you invoice customers often – and you will, when its as easy as Apacta.

So all your vendor expenses are automatically put on an order and you dont have to handle it manually. A clever feature is you can predefine your wanted profit on the vendor invoice. When you are ready to invoice the customer the invoice will already know the price you want for handling the product. Also the next time you resell the same.

More time gets You can also remove prodcuts from the invoice if there is anything that should’nt be ascribed to the customer. Invoicing is so fast when all items from the vendor invoice is already inserted on the customer invoice automatically.

3 reasons to use Apacta for Material Management

Overview of your consumption

You get an overview of your entire consumption of materials across all orders. All products and materials are included on the correct customer invoices.

That makes it easy for the Master Craftsman and the employees to keep track on the consumption on all current projects.

Increase profits and liquidity

With Apacta you get a tool that improves your profit and liquidity on-the-fly.

We save you time from all the paperwork and enables you to quickly analyze and adjust your product portfolio prices.

Predefine your wanted profits

Ensure you get the right profit when reselling products and materials. You can work with your portfolio across all orders and the profit you define is also what ends up on each and every customer invoice.

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