All kinds of options to improve your business

Daily timelog for
all employees

Photo documentation straight from the App,

One-click invoice. Create your own templates.

Keep track on your orders

Track your material consumption.

Adjust your price automatically with the market

Invoice Check

Automatically monitor your purchases

Create the offer as you want it to be

Apactas user interface for Order Management

Simple and clever features

Apacta is so much more than ‘just’ a system for Time and Order Management. It’s just the RIGHT tool for the Craftsman who wants to improve and simplify his business in every aspect.

You can add more features as you grow accustom to Apacta and your business grows and develops. You will not run out of options any time soon and new features is added all the time.

We are determined to deliver the best and easiest set of tools for the Craftsmen, without all the unnecessary junk.

Apacta return its own investment with timesaving and valuecreating features

Time Management

With Apactas easy Time Management it is easy to collect all hours registered on different tasks.

When hours are registered on individual orders its easy to get an overview of which employees have worked on the tasks and what they were doing.

Apacta lessens the administrative burden and give you more time to deliver quality and even more work to be invoiced.

Easy to register hours
Overview of timespend
One-click calculation of salary

Quality Assurance

Images and other documentation are saved directly on each order so you dont have to sort and file paperwork and imagery.

You can have different types of documentation such as drawings, images, videos, vendor offers, letters from the customer and more.

Work is finished right away and its easy to share with customer and others interested in the job.

Documentation is saved on each order
All documentation can be shared
Style the form so it fits your needs

Economy & Invoicing

Get the financial overview and invoice your clients often. This feature include all the tools needed for any ambitious Craftsman who wants to make life easier and improve profit and liquidity.

If you connect your economic system with Apacta all invoices and salary will transfer automatically. That makes it even easier to get the financial overview.

Invoice more often
Economical overview
Control of Invoices catch the expensive errors


With the calendar you can always see if any employee have available time for orders.

You assign tasks to your employees, perhaps with a checklist of things that needs to be done, and where the job is. When all have this overview you are not in risk of overlap or costly spare time.

Overview of all employees tasks
Assign tasks to individual craftsmen
Use checklists for work


Register all materials directly on an order. That way you are sure all is included and ready for invoicing. Just scan the barcode from the app and the vendor invoice gets connected with the order.

Includes all the necessary features for any ambitious Craftsman who wants to make life easier and improve profit and liquidity.

Overview of your consumption of materials
Invoice more products and materials
Get the right price for products and materials

Calculate reseller prices

Apacta can automatically calculate what the right reseller price should be.
You can set it up to work with the profitmargin on products, either by its initial costprice or the market average.

Priceranges are made which the prices can adjust themselves within. That improves customer satisfaction and increase your profits.

Set the right price for products and materials
Make a profit on ALL products
Adjust your price automatically with the market

Invoice Check

Control of invoices automatically secures that your agreed prices with vendors is also the price you pay.

We notify you if prices increase so you can keep track on your vendors and never pay more than agreed.

Invoice more often
Economical overview


A trustworthy offer is vital for any good business. With Apacta you can set up the offer just as you want, and include/bundle services, products and materials the way you want, with own logo etc.

Include hours, products, custom texts and images.

Create a new offer fast
Overview of all offers in progress

Projekt Manager

The Project Manager can register time for the entire team and administer orders without full administrator access to the Control Panel.

Its a user roles you assign to a user to enable him to register hours and materiales for other co-workers and also edit registrations submitted.


Do you want a complete one-page overview you can generate a report. That could be Work in Progress, Orders or customers with more orders in the works.

This gives you a fast overview of the top-most important KPIs to monitor.

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