Quality assurance

& Documentation

Quality assurance through photodocumentation

In Apacta, pictures and quality assurance documentation can be filled out and stored directly to the project, thereby ensuring that you never have to sort or archive pictures and paper sheets in the office again.

Once you step out of the customer’s door after finishing your assignment, the administration will be done for you by Apacta. Continuous registration of photos with Apacta ensures the quality assurance, and makes it easy to share with a property developer, building supervisor or anyone who has to be informed about your project.

Pictures as documentation

You have the option to communicate through pictures, videos and messages in our integrated chat function, thereby allowing all participants to keep track of the assignment, see what has been done, and, finally, what has to be done.

It is now possible for you to document and share your work throughout the day with everyone. With Apacta’s photo documentation you do not have worry about legal issues regarding rightful documentation of your work. By exploiting the different features which Apacta offers, this work task is finished in an instant.

Did you know that you can also register materials with Apacta? To learn more about how Apacta can help with administration work, click here.

quality assurance in an app

All types of documents can be saved directly to a case, so that all the information is stored into one place in Apacta’s project management system. Pictures, photos, videos, offers from distributors, letters to and from costumers etc. are all included in what can be stored in the project management system. This provides you with the overview that your business needs.

With Apacta you have the option to costumize forms for quality assurance which you can do on your computer or your smartphone.

Furthermore, you can easily keep track of all of your cases with Apacta’s project management system. To learn more about the project management system from Apacta, click here.

Quality assurance equals costumer satisfaction and confidence

In this day and age, quality assurance, and therefore documentation of building processes, is an important factor in competitiveness in construction. You are fully covered with Apacta, when property developers demand the right documentation. All cratfsmen are proud of their work, and with Apacta you can share your work in the form of pictures, videos etc. with new and potential costumers.

You add and save the documentation to a case, so that you always will be able to find it again. Apacta is integrated with several accounting softwares which make it possible for you to register an invoice directly on a project, and thereby providing your costumer with the full overview of the executed work. To learn more about how Apacta provides you with an economic overview, click here.

It is a win-win for the craftman and the property developer when they have the proper documentation saved in Apacta’s system, because it makes the settlement of account process go as smoothly as possible.

Apacta is a great system for time management, as well. To learn more about Apacta’s Time Management feature, click here.

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