Material registration

Material Registration

In Denmark, 8 out of 10 craftmen lose money because of the high priced materials at distributors. Do you recognize this issue? The prices usually varies from distributor to distributor, and even from time to time.

Choosing Apacta will make sure you do not encounter this issue again. Let Apacta deal with negotiations, and lay back and scroll through materials and their established prices. Register materials to a project, and keep track of the materials you bought for the costumer. This ensures, that you will never lose money on materials again.
You can register anything from hours to materials to a project, and in cooperation with your preferred accounting software, Apacta makes sure your invoices will be ready once the assignment is done.

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Registration of materials in the app

With Apacta, you and your colleagues can register materials directly onto a project from the assignments you are working on, and the system will automatically transfer them into invoices to send to your costumer.

Furthermore, materials can be registered as a cost to the case, so even if you have already made an offer to a costumer, Apacta will, throughout the process, calculate the expenses for hours and materials and keep track of the margin for you. You can always check if you did not bill enough to reach the wanted margin.

You can order digital invoices from your distributor, and receive them in the app. In this way, you are ensured all information is registered for the invoice, and you will not have to check for miscalculations once you are done with the full accounting.

An overview of your margin

On the case itself you can keep track of the margin, and when and who added materials to your project.

You set your own prices so that you can keep up with your competetion whilst making more money on materials. To check out how you set prices, click here.

Digital purchases for your product inventory.

Once you have received a digital invoice, you can easily update your product inventory with the products you are using in your company. It is absolutely simple, and only requires one simple click.

Did you know that Apacta made it possible for you to compare prices from different distributors with the new feature Material Match? To learn more about Material Match, click here.


It is simple to register materials on each project with Apacta. This allows the company to keep track of what is registered to a project, costs, prices, sale prices and the margin. Finally, once you have done all the registrations of materials and hours spent, it is now simple to do the invoice with one click.

It is therefore easy to keep an overview of costs, and because of this you can quickly do an invoice for the delivered materials and working hours.
It enables you to do an invoice immediately the assignment is finished, so that the payment is received quicker than ever before. As a result, it improves your liquidity and thereby your bottom line, and provides you with an overview of your company’s status.

Did you know, that Apacta is already integrated with the accounting softwares you know? Whether you are a user of Dinero, Billy’s or E-conomic, your invoices can directly transferred into your preferred accounting software. Alternatively, you can also become a user of Apactas own accounting software. To learn more about how Apacta can improve the economy and invoice process for your company, click here.

Quality assurance and registration of materials

Any registration can be supplied with pictures and descriptions, and therefore you can keep track of what materials were registered and why. This is just one of the features our costumers have been satisfied with.

You can register materials and other expenses, for instance hours spent on maschines or disbursement, the same way you register hours with Apacta. You can register materials and nothing else, as well. These registrations are automatically stored onto the project, thereby making the invoice process simple to do invoices once the assignment is done.


Try one of the many features in probably the most user friendly project management system in Denmark.


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