Automatically makes sure that the distributors keep the prices agreements

Save time and money with Invoice management 

Apacta analyzes your invoices from your chosen distributors, so that you do not have to do it manually. We check if the prices match the price agreements so that you do not pay more than what you have agreed upon.

If there should be any mismatch because the prices changed, we will notify you immediately, so that you can notify the distributor to correct the error.

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Better purchase agreements

Apacta helps you get better purchase agreements with distributors

We take the list of materials and equipment you wish to buy and put it out to tender and negotiate with the distributors of your choosing.

Invoice Management Advantages

Automatic Control

Automatic check of invoices

Discount agreements

You ensure the prices are as agreed upon and you save time

An economic overview

Download reports and check for errors

Compare prices on contruction equipment with

Invoice Management


cheaper prices – Material Match

The feature Invoice Management also works together with the order portal from Apacta, Material Match.
Here you compare prices across all of your chosen distributors, to find the best price possible.


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