Economy & Invoicing

Manage the economy and invoices with Apacta’s app.

Fast and simple invoice management

When you daily update your projects with materials, hours etc., it is easy to do invoices, and therefore receive payments from costumers quicker.

A quicker process of invoicing is just one of the advantages in Apacta, and it will ensure an improvement in the liquidity of the company.

Did you know that Apacta is built-in with a project management system, which provides you with a overview of the entire assignment’s information? To learn more about Apacta’s project management system, click here.

Calculate your liquidity in the liquidity calculator

Daily economic overview

When the employer and employees register hours and materials in Apacta there will be a continues updated economic overview for ongoing assignments including the hours spent, materials, wanted margin and a calculation once the assignment is finished.

It is therefore simple and manageable to see the procedure and what can be improved. To learn more about Time Management from Apacta, click here.

A statistical overview

With Apacta you recieve a statistical overview of each case, so you can keep track of what the margin is on products and on working hours. Over a 3 week period you will be able to see how revenue improves each week.

The system will give you a warning in case you have not done an invoice for the past 14 days or if you have lost revenue on not doing them. This ensures that you will keep doing the invoices and thereby not lose any more money on this administration task.

Did you know that Apacta also manages your materials for you? To learn more about Material Registration from Apacta, click here.

Bookkeping in the accounting software you know

You can connect Apacta to the accounting software you are already using.

This way, you can exploit all the advantages from all the features which Apacta offers, whilst also being able to add projects, materials and invoices directly into your preferred accounting software. To learn more about which accounting software Apacta is integrated with, click here.

Procurement from distributor and invoicing

With Apacta you have the option to receive invoices from your distributor, and add them to the procurement information on the project. Thereafter, you can choose and add the wanted margin for the cost price.

In this way, it is easy to forward the invoicing of materials or to add cost prices to the project thereby proving you with an continuous economic overview for each project. With Material Registration from Apacta you avoid a lot of typing and administration work, which is required during the day, and therefore you do not forget to forward your invoices for materials to the costumer.


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