Use more time working with wood than numbers

The right tool for the job

Do you want to ensure that your employees’ working hours are being spent effectively, your work being quality assured and that you don’t use too much money on unnecessary materials?

No matter if you work inside or outside or you work with new buildings, extensions, repairs or maintenance, the carpenter industry is one the most competitive subject areas.

With an intense competition it is important to look for advantages where you can. Even though you choose to specialize within a particular area, there will always be a competitor, who offers roughly the same service as you do. By keeping track of time registration, material management and effectively working with quality assurance you will overtime be able to differentiate yourself from the competitors.

You don’t use a fret saw to a board, right?

Apacta return its own investment with timesaving and valuecreating features

Easy Timemanagement

Save the time you use on manually keeping track on employer registrations. It’s fast!

Quick Order Management

Your employees log their time and materials in the app. All will be remembered when the invoice is made.

Quality Assurance

With Quality Assurance directly built into the app, you can always document your quality for everyones satisfaction.

Connect your systems

Apacta connects with your Economics system, so you dont have to do things twice. The same with salary.

Real Craftsmen choose Apacta

Craftsmen chose to be Craftsmen to work with their hands. The less time they spend on administrative chores and the burden of paperwork the happier they are. Apacta does just that! We make it easy to run a profitable company and thereby save time and increase profits. We do this for Craftsmen all over Europe!

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You get an overview of the entire construction or the project you are working on

Apactas tool consist of two parts: An app and a Control Panel.

The App gets installed on the phone of every carpenter in the field. They use it to register time and materials on the established cases and to quality assure with photo documentation. It is easy, quick and secure a continuously collection of time waste.

The control panel gives you an overview of all registrations and is the place, where you set the price, invoice og make the right extracts for accounting – all in one place. It is also here the single carpenter is being created, so they are ready to register on the right cases.

Not so much chatter – Quickly in and out of the system!

Apacta is build with a short time consumption in mind. It should be easy for the carpenter to find the right functions and fill out precisely.

Apacta has an easy user interface filled with functions that helps in your everyday carpenter life.

Apacta is reliable – you can absolutely trust your company data with us. If you are in need of help we offer many support opportunities for you. There’s always a person behind and we understand what you are saying!

Very few ‘clicks’ are needed to log time on a given order. That time is saved and can be used for delivering quality and overall more hours able to be invoiced. That actually becomes quite a bit in a years time!

Bookkeepers will love Apacta, as all data is structured on the right orders. That’s why a lot of bookkeepers also recommend Apacta.

Daily timelog for
all employees

Photo documentation straight from the App,

One-click invoice. Create your own templates.

Keep track on your orders

Track your material consumption.

Adjust your price automatically with the market

Invoice Check

Automatically monitor your purchases

Create the offer as you want it to be

Document your work and avoid controversy

Controversy, discussions and disagreements between the company and customer must be avoided. If the problem can’t be remedied due to lack of documentation, you stand in a difficult situation, because it is your word against the customers. This is never a good situation!

This is exactly why we have made a camera function in Apacta. The function means that your employees continuously can take photos or videos of their work. The pictures and videos will be stored on the single case, so they are easy to find again. It can be difficult to describe something related to a carpenter job over the phone or message, but with a video or a picture it will be easily clarified.

You can also add the customer to the case, so whom it may concern get access to follow the task. This is good customer service, that with guarantee will be appreciated.

Quick registration of working hours and materials

In the Apacta App you can create your tasks as cases. Inside every case you can add the employees, who are assigned the task. The smart thing about Apacta is, that it is not just the boss, who can use the app. Your employees can too.

This means that they easily can register, how many stones, tiles etc., that has been used on the single task. Simultaneously it is possible to add their used time on the tasks.

By having a precise registration of your material and time consumption you get an overall result on your tasks. This result you can use to adjust your prices or working methods, so your company becomes more effective.

1200 companies can’t be wrong

Thousands of carpenters are already using Apacta to get rid of too many working hours related to administration like invoices and time registration. Is your company the next one?

“The less time i use on administration, the more time i can use to develop something else in the company”

– Ulf Jarl Frost, Roskilde Tømrerfirma

“Before i got Apacta, i used around 4-6 hours in the office in the week… now we are down to 1 hour or 2”.

– Lars Sewerin, Sewerin Tømrer & Snedker A/S

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