Apactas new User Interface makes everything much easier

February 1st Apacta launches its new User Interface so lets start the hype. We made the new User Interface to make it even easier for you to use Apacta. We have of course tested it thoroughly with a lot of endusers. Read below and learn their first impression..

I used it for 30 minutes and already it felt much more intuitive compared with the current User Interface. A lot fewer clicks were needed to navigate around and it always made sense where to click next.

The purpose with a new User Interface is to make the experience much more convenient when using Apacta and all its features. YOu dont have to worry about the system feeling different all of a sudden – its the same system wrapped a different way, with the same features you already know. We just want to make it even simpler for you to use.

A personal Apacta

One of the cool things about the new user Interface is the way you can personalize your settings. You can style invoices as you want them to look – with options for inserting texts, images, bulletlists and headlines on the invoice.

One of the beta-testers emphasized this feature: “I think the new invoicing-module is the best thing about the new design. You can create it exactly as you want to”.

We just give you even more

Even if we do know that the new User Interface will make your life easier, we also recognize the fact that any change or new beginning can be difficult. And as the new User Interface is still in Beta we will ofcourse encourage you to contact us with any issue you may encounter, so we all can learn from the experience.

Our support is more than ready to assist you for an easy transition. Call +45 7734 7834 📞