Apacta in Flensburg

New company revolutionizes the German craft industry

Do you know how many hours a week craftsmen work in Germany? Easy, right? 40 hours. But did you know that only 30-32 of these hours are paid?

This is because paperwork and office work take up a lot of time in which no value can be created. There are many responsibilities when running a business – especially in construction. Register employees’ working hours. Ensure product quality with photos and documentation for customers. Taxes. Create invoices and order materials for future orders. Much of it is still done manually.

Running a professional and profitable company is not an easy matter. But a new company in Flensburg will try to give German craftsmen back some of their time and to make running a construction business more efficient: Apacta – an administration software for craftsmen.

Since the demand for digital solutions for administration is increasing in Germany, Apacta launched its product on the German market, starting with an office in Flensburg.

“Apacta has had a lot of success in Scandinavia over the past few years, with more than 10,000 craftsmen using our software. We save them time so they can invoice more hours”, says Anders K. Risager, CEO of Apacta. He was a craftsman himself and knows the problems of running a company firsthand.

“We have had customers from Flensburg for a while now and it seemed about time to help German craftsmen run a profitable company with the technologies available today. We have simply moved all the things that craftsmen already do and know into an app that helps them keep track of all activities.”

Flensburg is the perfect place to start

With a close relationship with Denmark, many shared values and a similar mindset, Flensburg is the perfect place for a Danish company. And not only because Anders K. Risager has lived in Flensburg with his wife and children for many years.

“There are so many opportunities to find skilled workers here. If we started in Berlin or Munich, we would have to fight a lot more to attract the right people”, says Anders K. Risager.

Apacta currently employs seven people in Flensburg and hopes to gain even more – soon.

“We currently have a lot of vacancies: student jobs, sales positions and a German support team. Yes, we are hiring. The reactions from the German craftsmen have been overwhelming and we are growing faster than we would have expected a few months ago. We have confidence in Flensburg and that we can find like-minded colleagues who share our vision of making German craft businesses even more successful and profitable.”

Apacta tries to create a positive atmosphere in the office. Lunch together every day and a small celebration every Friday. The successes of the past week are discussed over beer, soda and snacks. The team constantly works together towards the goal of making life easier for craftsmen.