Terms & Conditions

BUSINESS and subscription conditions
These general conditions form an integral part of the customer’s subscription agreement. If there is inconsistency between these general conditions and the subscription, these general conditions prevail in relation to the subscription. 

The agreement applies to all services and subscriptions provided by Apacta a/s

Contract period, Subscription and head due-date
Subscription shall be considered renewed for one year at a time, by main decay. Regardless if user choose monthly or yearly prepayment, the subscription period is 12 months.  Main due date is the day of the month, the first invoice for the subscription entered into force.

Apacta a/s makes the reservations for the individual customer can be approved to be subject to this agreement. Apacta a/s reserves the right to reject registrations on clients, or require additional price, if it is established by the company’s claims are so complicated that it provides increased time spent by support work.  Default if a party materially breaches its obligations under the agreement, the other party has the right to terminate the agreement with immediate effect. As material breach is considered, among other things.

Customer’s failure to meet payment obligations
In the context of a party’s termination of the agreement, the other party to replace his losses, given that Apacta A/s’s responsibility is limited as indicated in point “Responsibility”.  Transfer Subscription belongs to the company or person who has taken out this, and may not be assigned without prior arrangement with Apacta a/s Termination of subscription Agreement can be terminated by either party by three months ‘ written notice to the principal the due date.

Agreement period and principal due date is defined in the point “contract period”. If the subscription is not terminated, it is automatically renewed for a new agreement period. Beside the subscription fee Apacta might charge a signup fee together with the first payment. This fee appear as a separat orderline on first invoice.

Apacta a/s reserves the right to terminate a Subscriber, if the customer does not follow Apacta a/s ‘ recommendations regarding. The use of the services made available.  Payment upon conclusion of agreement on automatic subscription payment via debit card, give the customer Apacta a/s permission to continuously pull subscription amount on the customer’s card during the period when the subscription runs. By drawing on the customer’s card, will be sent the invoice to the customer’s email. Apacta a/s attaches to the fee on a number of payments, fees make up a maximum of 3.75% However minimum 1.95 EUR/transaction.

Apacta a/s has the right to disclose the data to the individual subscriber provides, through the systems they carry subscription have access to. 

Regulation of prices
Apacta a/s reserves the right to regulate subscription prices in line with price developments or by other conditions that affect the cost level of the customer’s services or subscription.  No refund or right of withdrawal when performance is supplied electronically by mailing list subscription, the service is not covered by the statutory 14 days right of withdrawal, and purchases cannot be undone and the payment is not refundable. 

The responsibility of the Subscriber’s use of an Apacta a/s products and services is done in every respect on its own responsibility. Apacta a/s assumes no responsibility for customers ‘ use of Apacta’s a/s products or services. Apacta a/s is not responsible for losses – direct or indirect – intellectual property infringements or other relationship arising out of use products or services.

Apacta a/s is not responsible for losses incurred as a result of lack of access to services or information, regardless of the reason for the lack of access. Apacta a/s has no responsibility for any loss of data of any kind, including loss of or damage to installed software, etc. Apacta a/s is not responsible for unauthorized access to customer data or systems or damages incurred in connection therewith. In these terms and conditions disclaimers contained therein is applicable regardless of whether Apacta a/s may have acted negligently. 

Apacta a/s reserves the right to limit/restrict offered products applications due to operational and security matters. Of operational and security reasons reserve Apacta a/s also the right to, at any time, to gain access to customers user data.

Delivery barriers and force majeure
If Apacta a/s or the customer will be unable to completely or partially fulfilling its obligations due to force majeure, suspension, the performance of the obligations incumbent on the party concerned in accordance with the subscription, as long as and to the extent the performance hindrance consists. The party concerned shall at the earliest possible, give notice to the other party, including information about the details and the expected duration of the force majeure.

The party concerned must seek to overcome the force majeure situation as quickly as possible. Force majeure means circumstances that arises after the conclusion of the subscription, and which is outside the control of the party concerned, provided that the party concerned has shown the care required, and which could not reasonably be overcome.

The following circumstances shall, provided that the above is fulfilled, always considered as force majeure: climatic aberrations, anti-social acts, wars, fire, labour disputes wet (strikes, lock-outs or other similar turmoil in the labour market). If a force majeure event means that a party only by means of quite disproportionate economic sacrifice can meet its obligations, it shall be equated with that that party is unable to fully or partially fulfilling its obligations. Lack of money is not force majeure.

Any dispute between the customer and Apacta a/s are governed by Danish law. Cases against Apacta a/s – related to the services provided in accordance with these general conditions – brought before the entry into force and amendment to Civil Court in Aalborg, these general conditions of Apacta a/s subscription agreement shall enter into force on the 22nd. October 2015.

Apacta a/s is entitled, at any time, to modify these general conditions. Information about changes to be notified to the customer by sending of new General conditions or in any other way that Apacta a/s considers appropriate. If the changes are due to regulatory matters, including orders from the public authorities, the customer is obliged to observe the new General conditions, when notification of the changes have come forward.

Due to the changes other than regulatory conditions, the customer is obliged to observe the new General conditions from the time specified in the notice, unless the customer has terminated the agreement within the time limit specified in the notice. Denunciation will take effect from the date of entry into force of the amendments.

All requests shall be send to:

Apacta A/S
Niels Jernes Vej 10
9220 Aalborg Ø
CVR: 36548606
[email protected]
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