The story of Apacta

The early days
Originally Apacta was founded in 2011 as ‘AquaPlanning’, with its main activities within sewerage. The company was started by Anders Risager and Verner H. Kristiansen. Anders experienced some challenges with the administrative aspect of running the business, and decided there had to be a better way to handle the day-to-day operations. Anders quickly discovered that by using a digital setup for his administration he also gained huge savings and a better liquidity. That became the idea to what is now Apacta.

In 2013 Anders sold his construction company and focussed entirely on ‘AquaPlanning’. Anders also purchased Verners shares of the company as Verner wanted to focus mainly on his construction company.

The name ‘Apacta’
In 2014 the company changed its name to ‘Apacta’ to signify it had evolved to include and support a lot more branches of craftmanship. From being only about Quality Assurance, it was now also possible to log workhours, material consumption and a lot more. The ambition was (and is) to develop a userfriendly tool for the entire construction industry.

The name derives from the word ‘pact’. A collaboration and a contract is like a pact. Every customer relation is an obligation and you have to deliver as expected and with a high level of quality and service.

In january 2015 3 employees bought a share of the company, and Apacta became a joint stock company.

The core software was developed by Bulgarian engineers, back in 2015. A turn of events has brought one of the main developers back to Bulgaria, but Apacta wanted to ensure continuity around the core architecture. As a result, in 2018 we started BRAAINY, a Sofia-based IT company, acting as Apacta’s dedicated development center for the next couple of years.
This team has grown ever since as an embedded part of Apacta’s success. In 2021 the company became fully integrated into our brand with a sole focus on product development.

Currently, we are combining a cutting-edge tech stack with a start-up culture and best development practices to assure the product’s scalability, reliability, and simplicity. Our IT team is now fully operational and includes skillful Frontend, Backend, and QA engineers, responsible for the software development of Apacta’s product in all regions.

Recent times
Apacta have been flying ever since! Activities expanded to Germany, to allow for german craftsmen to reap the fruits from the danish market. Apacta also partook in the television show ‘Vejen til Seier’ (not unlike the ‘Dragons Den’), and in 2020 also expanded into Norway and Sweden together with partner ‘Mestergruppen’.

In 2021 Apacta have used Lindy Aldahl – a known danish TV personality – as ambassador. Lindy is also a mason and therefore have been a good match for the Apacta brand. Apacta insist on being on the Craftman side of business, and dont want to be perceived as a software company with a product developed on the premise of engineers. If the system dont make sense for a craftsman, it makes no sense for Apacta either!

In 2021 Apacta have more than 50 employees in our main office in Denmark and also in our offices in Germany and Bulgaria.

Mission and Purpose

All craftsman must have the opportunity to create and run a professional and profitable business

That is the mission Apacta is on. We dont distinguish between business, branch, size or location. ALL craftsmen!

“We simplify administration in Small and Mediumsized companies, by delivering the most intuitive and userfriendly platform in the business.”

This is our goal. We want to empower Craftsmen with options and informations they need to run a healthy business and provide insights into possibilities and areas that will strenghten them and come on equal terms with the technological possibilites today and still to come.

Craftsmen shouldnt spend their time on spreadsheets or sorting vast amounts of information that basically isn’t needed or create any value. They should deliver quality work and release enough time to earn their money leaving room for a life on the side also.

Thats the pact Apacta wants to make!

Apacta is built upon some core values:
Respect. Respect for our customers, colleagues, company and product.
Excitement. Its fun to create customer value and we celebrate our success.
Knowledge. We wont base our work on assumptions. When we build something, we do it because we know it will work.
Simplicity. Keep it Simple – dont overthink things. If we find it difficult, our customers will too.
Value. We deliver value by saving time and creating new value together with a great user experience.

Large investment in Apacta
Apacta in 'Vejen til Seier'
Lindy Aldahl becomes ambassador for Apacta